The Writing Center offers information and tips on a range of topics related to writing.  Check out the links below to find what you need.



If you need help deciphering a writing prompt, or if you're having trouble getting started on an assignment, this information may help.  It includes guides for interpreting essay questions, brainstorming, and outlining.


Style and Mechanics

Do you have specific questions about grammar or punctuation?  Would you like to make your writing clearer and more powerful?  Some of the information here may be just what you need.


Using and Citing Sources

If your assignment requires that you do some research or refer to outside sources, this information can help.  You'll find abbreviated and printable versions of many of the major citation guides, and there's also information here on how to quote sources and paraphrase effectively.


Editing & Proofreading

Editing your own work can seem overwhelming, but here are some guides that can make the process simpler and more effective.


Essays & Research Papers

Here you'll find information designed to help you meet all the challenges of writing academic papers:  developing a strong thesis statement, composing effective introductions and conclusions, writing abstracts, offering effective counterarguments, and more.


Lab Reports & Other Technical Documents

Technical writing has its own set of demands, and this material can help you meet them.  Here you'll learn how to avoid some of the most common problems with lab reports and ensure that each section of your report or proposal meets the requirements.


Essay Exams

Essay exams can be intimidating, but the information provided here on preparing for such exams and composing effective essays can give your confidence a boost and help you get better results.


Writing for Business & Industry

Here you'll find information on writing various types of professional documents, from office emails and memos to executive summaries.


Application Documents

If you're applying for scholarships, fellowships, grants, or jobs, the material provided here can help.  Read about writing resumes, cover letters, personal statements, and more.