Scheduling Writing Consultations

The following information will help you choose:

Standard Consultations   In-person, one-on-one consultations scheduled for 50 minutes. Appropriate for all classes and document types except MECH E 1720 memos and initial visits for FE 1100 papers. 

Walk-In Consultations    In-person, one-on-one consultations up to 50 minutes. Appropriate for all documents except initial visits for FE 1100 papers. (Mech E 1720 students are welcome to use walk-in hours.) Although appointments cannot be scheduled in advance, this schedule allows you to check our walk-in hours, see how many consultants are available, and estimate wait times. 

Writing 911   Online or in-person help for students who want feedback on a short passage (<500 words) or who have quick questions. Since the Writing Center does not notify instructors of Writing 911 consultations, this option may not be appropriate for students who are required to visit the Writing Center.

FE 1100 Workshops   For initial review of Freshman Engineering 1100 papers. Students who have already attended an FE 1100 workshop and who would like additional assistance are welcome to schedule standard consultations or use our walk-in hours.

MECH E 1720 Consultations   For students seeking to review a memo for Mechanical Engineering 1720

  1. Click the Book Appointment button on our homepage.

  2. If you're new to our website, click the link to register. Otherwise, enter your username and password.

  3. Choose a schedule. (For more information on which consultation type to choose, click here.)


    On the booking page, select a date from the calendar; the available times will populate on the right.

    Note: If a date is grayed out, either the Writing Center is closed that day, or all appointments have been booked. 

  5. Select an appointment time from those listed; you will be taken to a registration screen.


    On the registration screen, complete all required information. Click Continue.

    Note: Use the Comments field to clarify any information you provided, add further information, or ask a question.

  7. Review the information you submitted. If it is correct, click Book My Consultations. You will be taken to a confirmation screen from which you can book additional appointments if necessary.

When you book an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. Please retain that email as proof that you scheduled an appointment. You will also receive a reminder email two hours in advance of your appointment time.

The following explains the Writing Center's policy on scheduling consultations:

Eligibility: Appointments are available for currently enrolled undergraduate students only. 

Limitations: Writers may schedule no more than two appointments in a single day and only one comprehensive appointment per day. In addition, each appointment can address only one document.

Advance Booking: Appointments are available up to a month in advance. Most appointments must be booked at least one hour in advance. FE 1100 Workshops must be scheduled a day ahead.

Group Writing Projects: If your document is part of a collaborative effort, the writing consultant can meet with multiple group members.  Note, however, that the person or persons who actually composed the document must be present for the appointment. Writing consultants can discuss documents only with those who wrote them.  

Cancellation Policy: If you cannot keep an appointment, please cancel so that others have an opportunity to book an appointment at that time. Appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If you do not cancel your appointment by this deadline and you fail to show up at the scheduled time, you will be marked as a no-show. After two no-shows in any given semester, you only be able to meet with writing consultants on a walk-in basis only; you will no longer be eligible to schedule appointments. 

To get the most out of your consultation, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Although some instructors provide the Writing Center with copies of assignment instructions, we cannot guarantee that we'll have on file the instructions for your assignment. Bring to your consultation whatever instructions, models, or other helpful documents your instructor has provided.

  • If your paper requires research or relies on sources, bring your research materials or sources with you to your appointment so that you can consult them if necessary. If you can't bring your sources, be sure to bring any notes you've taken on them.

  • Our consultants are happy to work with students who need help getting started. Consultations are often most useful, however, for students who have prepared a draft, no matter how rough. Even if you're not confident that you're on the right track, consider trying to put some thoughts on paper before your visit. Your efforts will give you and your consultant a place to start.

  • If your assignment requires that you cite sources, be sure to check with your instructor to find out what citation style you are expected to use. That information will help the consultant provide accurate feedback and helpful resources.

  • Finally, remember that although they are skilled, our writing consultants do not have superpowers, and they are students like you. They help thousands of students each year in a broad range of classes, so they cannot read all the source material you may have to read to complete your paper. Nor do they have time to read student papers in advance of consultations. Finally, they cannot fill the gaps left by a student's failure to read or prepare, so read your sources before you seek help!