Appointment FAQs

  • Click on any blank space to make an appointment
  • Unavailable slots are blacked out
  • Your appointments appear in orange
  • Click on a scheduled appointment to modify or cancel it

Put your name on our wait list!

  • Click the clock icon in the upper left corner of any day on the calendar
  • Indicate the times when you would like to make an appointment
  • If any slot opens up, you’ll receive a text message. Be the first person to click on the available appointment, and it’s all yours.

Note: In order to use the wait list function, you must provide a mobile number and carrier. If you did not do so when you registered, you can update your profile by clicking on the Welcome menu. 

  • Log in, and choose the calendar from which you made the appointment
  • Click the appointment you want to cancel
  • Click the Cancel This Appointment button at the bottom of the appointment window

Remember: You must cancel at least 2 hours ahead of schedule start time!

  • 1 appointment/day
  • 3 appointments/week
  • up to 30 days in advance

If special circumstances require that you make multiple appointments in a single day or more than three appointments in a week, please contact us at 341-4436 for assistance.