Services for Instructors and Faculty

The Writing Center's mission is to help Missouri S&T students become better writers, and we provide support for instructors who believe that strong writing skills are crucial to academic and professional success.

Let us know how we can help!

Writing is an important element of any profession and discipline. Incorporating writing effectively into courses is a challenge for any field of study. The Writing Center is dedicated to helping Missouri S&T faculty meet this challenge. If you'd like to take advantage of the options described below, or if you have questions about the services we offer, please contact us at or (573) 341-4436.

Consultants and Coaches are uniquely trained to offer peer mentor support for students at any stage of the writing process: brainstorming, researching, outlining, organizing, polishing, etc. Lastly, the team is multimodal and multidiscipline, meaning that we can provide support on wide-ranging genres of composition: essays, personal statements, literature reviews, posters, and more.

The Writing Center can develop customized instructional materials to help your students meet the writing demands of your course and discipline. Such materials can include PowerPoint presentations, practice activities, and sample documents. Let us know what your students need, and we'll work with you to develop relevant and effective materials.

The Writing Center website provides links to numerous resources for students; please feel free to link your class websites to our online resources page, or to specific resources. If you don't see the information you're looking for, please let us know; we'll be happy to locate appropriate materials and create a link, or we can create custom materials to address the specific needs of your students.

Writing Center Coaches and Consultants receive intensive training in how to provide useful feedback to students on essays, research papers, lab reports, abstracts, and many other genres of writing. We recognize that many courses involve writing with specific standards and requirements that are unique compared to other courses. We are happy to develop customized training modules for our consultants so that they can be better prepared to help your students.

The Writing Center can work with you to incorporate writing into your curriculum in a manner that supports your instructional objectives. We can help you determine what kinds of assignments might best suit specific courses and learning objectives. We can also help you develop clear writing prompts and instructional materials that will allow your students to respond to the prompt effectively. And we can help you develop grading rubrics that can best reflect the evaluation process. Let us know what we can do for you!

The Writing Center can develop and deliver customized presentations on writing-related topics relevant to your courses. Past presentations have addressed:

  • Writing Center essentials
  • capstone reports
  • abstracts
  • research strategies
  • conciseness
  • literature reviews
  • fellowship and scholarship applications
  • effective and correct citations
  • lab report writing
  • invention strategies
  • personal statements
  • cover letters
  • creative writing
  • technical and scientific writing

We can make presentations in your classroom and other preferred learning spaces. We can also post handouts, PowerPoints, and other materials used in presentations on our website for continued use.

"One of my students really struggled with writing her essays for my Cross-Cultural class.  Since the tests were all essay, she was in danger of failing.  I tried to give her help and guidance, but it did not seem to work very well.  I suggested the Writing Center and she went.  I saw a noticeable improvement in her essays after that.  She was able to pass the class with the help she received. I can honestly say she would have failed the class without their assistance."
— Dr. Amber Henslee, S&T Psychology Professor

"One of my students was having trouble with APA and finding appropriate sources to use in her research paper.  I recommended she utilize the resources at the Writing Center.  She told me she went multiple times for help and it made a big difference.  She felt her paper was better formatted.  She did a good job on the paper from my perspective too."

For more information on how we can help you or your students, or to schedule a class presentation, email us at or give us a call at (573) 341-4436.