Services for 1120 Instructors

The Writing Center is excited to work with English 1120 instructors and students each semester! Foundational writing courses are an important moment in students' lives to grow and learn, and our Consultants and Coaches love to support that growth. The Writing Center can help instructors and students in a variety of ways.

Writing Consultants and Coaches
Consultants and Coaches are uniquely trained to offer peer mentor support for students at any stage of the writing process: brainstorming, researching, outlining, organizing, polishing, etc. Lastly, the team is multimodal and multidiscipline, meaning that we can provide support on wide-ranging genres of composition: essays, personal statements, literature reviews, posters, and more.

Classroom and Lab Support
If you have a student who needs extra support, we can provide a consultant or coach visit to your classroom or lab for one-on-one help. We kindly ask for a week or more notice to ensure we can accommodate your request.

Formal or Extra Credit Appointments 
We are happy to host one-on-one and small group consultations for required credit or extra-credit. We host in-person, online synchronous, and online asynchronous appointment. Students can make appointments through our website. 

Client Report Forms
Reports will be provided to each instructor via email after a writing session with their student to ensure you know what was covered, progress made, and any notes.

“I’m always suggesting to students – at all levels – that they visit the Writing Center. Focusing on any aspects of writing, from understanding the assignment to deciding how to format it and cite sources, is hard to do alone. Having another good writer’s perspective on an assignment or project is incredibly helpful, even if the professor is good at giving formative feedback on drafts. I can never spend enough time commenting on all the drafts, but fortunately the Writing Center consultants are often available, in the Writing Center, immediately or through appointments to keep students on track working toward a deadline. I love that we have such a helpful academic resource at S&T!” — Dr. Kathryn Northcut, English and Technical Communication


If you need support or would like a coach or consultant to visit your classroom, please email