Professional Staff

Phillip Bode


Writing Center

Degrees: M.A: Rhetoric and Professional Communications from New Mexico State University
                   B.A.: Writing and Literature Studies Boise State University

Dream Vacation Spot: Iceland or Colombia

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: The Myth of the Writing Process

Spirit Animal: Sea Turtle

Favorite Writing Analogy: "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"-Herman Melville



Major: Aerospace Engineering

Dream Vacation Spot: A sunny beach in southern Spain

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: Why eggs should never be eaten runny 

Spirit Animal: Peregrine Falcon

Favorite Writing Analogy: A comma can mean the difference between feeding your dog and eating your dog:

"It is time to eat, Fido!"          "It is time to eat Fido!"          Save lives -- use commas!  (OK, not an analogy, but...)


Major: Geology/Geophysics

Dream Vacation Spot: Paris, France

Topic of My Next TEDx Talk: The Issues Presented by the House Sorting System in Harry Potter

Spirit Animal: Owl

Favorite Writing Analogy: “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” –E. L. Doctorow


Major: Chemical Engineering

Dream Vacation Spot: a dark sky park

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: STEM and soft skills: why innovators need to be in touch with their personal side

Spirit Animal: Cat 

Favorite Writing Analogy: Your personal statement is like a peek into your inner self. Let whoever is reading it see the best parts of you in the same way that you would showcase those elements of yourself to a new friend. 


Major: Geological Engineering 

Dream Vacation Spot: New Zealand for its diverse geology, and Iceland for the food, culture, volcanoes, and hot springs 

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: Puns and layered comedy 

Spirit Animal: Little Brown Bat 

Favorite Writing Analogy: Much like ratatouille, writing has layers or a mixture of ingredients, all leading to a well-rounded creation.


Major: Business Management & Systems

Dream Vacation Spot: Greece

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: Frozen II

Spirit Animal: Wolf

Favorite Writing Analogy: Writing a paper is like Combos. The baked pretzel on the outside is your argument/thesis. The amazing filling inside is everything that supports your baked pretzel layer.


Major: Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics

Dream Vacation Spot: I want to visit all 7 continents. So far I have been to North & Central America and Africa.

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: Eliminating Single-use Plastic Waste

Spirit Animal: Elephant

Favorite Writing Analogy: ???


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Dream Vacation Spot: Europe, specifically the countryside of France

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: The future of hydrogen power

Spirit Animal: Deer

Favorite Writing Analogy: Writing is like cooking. Practice makes perfect. If you follow a recipe, the food will likely turn out well. However, once you start to add personal touches and get creative, it can become a masterpiece. 


Major: Elementary education

Dream Vacation Spot: Dubai

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: Why second languages should be implemented in the elementary grade level.

Spirit Animal: Red Panda

Favorite Writing Analogy: Writing is similar to cooking. At first, recipes and instructions are needed to create something good, but the more you do it, the easier it is to do without looking at one.


Major: Biological Sciences

Dream Vacation Spot: Rome, Italy

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: Anime & The Hero's Journey

Spirit Animal: Hawk

Favorite Writing Analogy: "An essay is like a map..." 


Major: English, minor in creative writing

Dream Vacation Spot: Osaka, Japan, or New Zealand countryside. 

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: The importance of My Chemical Romance to the emotional development of rebellious teens. 

Spirit Animal: Koi fish-- they just drift from riverbank to riverbank, looking for snacks. I too, drift from place to place looking for snacks. 

Favorite Writing Analogy: Both writing and tacos are layered and complex, and I find, in the end, both are worth the work. 


Major: Engineering Management

Dream Vacation Spot: Brunsbüttel, Germany

Topic of My TedX Talk: Organizing Your Home with Lean Six Sigma

Spirit Animal: Panda

Favorite Writing Analogy: Writing a persuasive essay is like convincing someone that pineapple on pizza is wrong; you must first entice your audience with the topic of pizza and establish credibility before providing solid evidence that pineapple is never an acceptable topping.


Major: Biochemical Engineering

Dream Vacation Spot: Portugal

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: Beekeeping

Spirit Animal: Barn Owl

Favorite Writing Analogy: Writing is like a cup of coffee, there is no wrong way to do it and can be energizing or make you sick to the stomach. Make sure to not start on it to late or you could be up all night.


Major: Geological Engineering

Dream Vacation Spot: Norway

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: Why do we ever buy bottled water?

Spirit Animal: Goat  (I will scramble up on anything I am physically capable of climbing!)

Favorite Writing Analogy: Think of the conclusion of an argumentative paper as a lawyer's closing arguments. You've just spent your whole paper giving us evidence-- now tie it up with a killer closing argument that reminds us why everything you've talked about supports your claim. 


Major: Elementary education. I hope to teach fifth or sixth grade.

Dream Vacation Spot: Somewhere I can swim with stingrays and drink tropical drinks on a beach with clear blue ocean water! 

 Topic of My Next TedX Talk: Major issues with standardized testing in America and possible solutions to those issues

 Spirit Animal: Sting Ray. Their mating ritual involves the males doing belly flops to make the biggest splash. I love them! My spirit is a water pancake. 

Favorite Writing Analogy: Citations as plug-and-chug formulas! It seems to make citations a lot easier for people to understand.


Major: Chemical Engineering

Dream Vacation Spot: East coast hiking!

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: the Kool-Aid man; is he the liquid or the container?

Spirit Animal: Highland cattle (the fuzzy show cows)

Favorite Writing Analogy: I don't have one. (Kayla's taco analogy is always fun though!)


Major: Business and Management Systems

Dream Vacation Spot: A tropical Island

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: How to become famous by doing strange or embarrassing things

Spirit Animal: Sloth

Favorite Writing Analogy: Writing is like talking only with your hands and spelling.