Professional Staff

Phillip Bode


Writing Center

Degrees: M.A: Rhetoric and Professional Communications from New Mexico State University
                   B.A.: Writing and Literature Studies from Boise State University

Dream Vacation Spot: Iceland or Colombia

Favorite Writing Analogy: "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"-Herman Melville



Major: Geology/Geophysics

Dream Vacation Spot: Paris, France

Topic of My Next TEDx Talk: The Issues Presented by the House Sorting System in Harry Potter

Spirit Animal: Owl

Favorite Writing Analogy: “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” –E. L. Doctorow


Major: Chemical Engineering

Dream Vacation Spot: a dark sky park

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: STEM and soft skills: why innovators need to be in touch with their personal side

Spirit Animal: Cat 

Favorite Writing Analogy: Your personal statement is like a peek into your inner self. Let whoever is reading it see the best parts of you in the same way that you would showcase those elements of yourself to a new friend. 


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Dream Vacation Spot: Europe, specifically the countryside of France

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: The future of hydrogen power

Spirit Animal: Deer

Favorite Writing Analogy: Writing is like cooking. Practice makes perfect. If you follow a recipe, the food will likely turn out well. However, once you start to add personal touches and get creative, it can become a masterpiece. 


Major: English, minor in creative writing

Dream Vacation Spot: Osaka, Japan, or New Zealand countryside. 

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: The importance of My Chemical Romance to the emotional development of rebellious teens. 

Spirit Animal: Koi fish-- they just drift from riverbank to riverbank, looking for snacks. I too, drift from place to place looking for snacks. 

Favorite Writing Analogy: Both writing and tacos are layered and complex, and I find, in the end, both are worth the work. 


Major: Business and Management Systems

Dream Vacation Spot: A tropical Island

Topic of My Next TedX Talk: How to become famous by doing strange or embarrassing things

Spirit Animal: Sloth

Favorite Writing Analogy: Writing is like talking only with your hands and spelling. 


Major: Biological Sciences

Dream Vacation Spot: Iceland

Favorite Writing Analogy: "good writing is like a windowpane" -George Orwell


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Dream Vacation spot: East St. Louis

Favorite Writing Analogy: "You can start all over again" -Rob Thomas